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Residency Program

Parkview Presbyterian Church 

and the Mission Support Ministry Group of the Presbytery of Sacramento

Intercultural Residency Program


Beginning July 2016

Parkview Presbyterian Church, Sacramento, California, an intercultural congregation with an Asian American heritage, invites applications for its inaugural Intericultural Residency Program. The program asks for a minimum commitment of three months and a maximum of two years. The program provides an opportunity for the newly trained seminarian to learn and practice the skills and responsibilities that are necessary to be a successful Presbyterian Teaching Elder in a multicultural setting. While at Parkview, the Resident will develop and use tools from theology courses, seminary training, and individual pastoral gifts to: lead inspirational and informative worship services; offer pastoral care to the Church Community; and develop relationships with faith based and secular community organizations through outreach and volunteer service.

We expect this will be full-time position which includes opportunities for growth outside of Parkview. The Resident will live in on-site housing provided by Parkview and will receive a stipend of $1,000 a month for the period of service.


About Parkview

Parkview Presbyterian Church is an intercultural care-giving community in the heart of one of the nation’s most culturally diverse cities. Over its 104-year history, Parkview has served Sacramento’s Japanese American and Asian Pacific communities. It is evolving to become a truly intercultural family that is faithfully inclusive. Those who built this congregation learned from collective experiences of suffering and injustice how to support each other and to live in solidarity with those who suffered and were treated unjustly. In a time when the word “community” is used loosely and superficially, Parkview intends to build a community that brings together the significant aspects of life: faith, family and Christ’s service.

Key words that describe Parkview are: care-giving, welcoming, community, inclusive, innovative, and appreciative. These words are not only Parkview’s tradition – they are its legacy.

While Parkview is considered a small-to-medium size church, it is an extremely active congregation. We have several social and service organizations (e.g. Mariners), a choir, and members with strong ties to community organizations. An Indonesian Presbyterian fellowship we helped found also meets at Parkview, and we host annual community events that draw over 500 to our church. In addition to our pastor, Parkview also has a part time office administrator, choir director, and retired pastor associate.

For more information about Parkview, refer to attached Parkview Profile and visit our website:


Who Should Apply for the Intercultural Residency Program?

Students who:

  • Have completed seminary and who desire to enroll in a full-time field education placement.
  • Are progressive in their theology and inclusive in their convictions.
  • Cherish creativity, enjoy artistic expression, honor inclusive hospitality, and yearn to make the world more just through civic engagement and community service.
  • Hold a deep and abiding love of worship and who feel called to develop, write and present meaningful liturgy.
  • Desire to provide pastoral care in ways that demonstrate empathy, compassion, and sensitivity to different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Desire to help the congregation engage in service as an opportunity to grow in faith, and open to serving as a resource/volunteer at local social service agencies 


What the Residents Will Be Expected to Do

The Residents will:

  • Participate in worship service and lead some component on a regular basis.
  • Serve as a resource, liaison, and volunteer at a local social service agency or school.
  • Actively support the church’s vision to build and sustain a multi-generational faith community.
  • Enhance Parkview’s involvement and integration into the immediate Southside Park neighborhood.
  • Promote lifelong learning about our faith in the context of the world’s religions and cultures.
  • Support the Pastor and church members in providing pastoral care.
  • Create and develop a simple “legacy” project for themselves that will be both innovative and sustainable (for residents serving at least one year).


Residents Profile

We are looking for inquisitive, intelligent, creative and articulate people who wish to bring their knowledge of the contemporary world to bear on the reality of an intercultural congregation. Although experience through Clinical Pastoral Education is a plus, it is not a requirement. What is a requirement is a willingness to learn, having a sense of one’s unique contribution, but not being overly focused on one’s own sense of importance. Compassion, empathy, curiosity, genuineness, sense of humor and a desire to get to know oneself more deeply, as well as God’s calling for one’s life are desired qualities.

Although Parkview’s ministry will be their focus, Residents will be encouraged to network in the Presbytery and beyond, by acquainting themselves with other intercultural ministries/ministries of inclusion.


Supervisory and Pastor Profile

The congregation will be the primary teacher for the Residents. Residents will generally find them warm, welcoming, intelligent, and supportive. Residents will also get to know Elders and Ministers in the Presbytery, which through the Mission Support Committee, is supportive of the project.

Approximately 75% of stipend scholarship money is to be raised from Presbytery congregation and Mission Support Committee donations.

Parkview will have a small supervisory committee that will meet with the Residents approximately once a month and will also meet at the Residents’ requests. Residents will meet twice a week with the Pastor, Rev. Aart van Beek, their main supervisor as well as colleague.

Rev. van Beek was born and raised in The Netherlands. He did his undergraduate work at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, his M.Th. at Perkins School of Theology SMU, his Doctor of Ministry at the Claremont School of Theology, and having begun his Doctor of Theology studies at the Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, finished them with the South East Asia Graduate School of Theology based in Singapore. He completed four units of Clinical Pastoral Education, respectively at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix AZ, Hawaii State Hospital in Kaneohe HI, and Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento, CA. Rev. van Beek taught for eight years at two seminaries on the island of Java in Indonesia after being a Pastoral Social Worker at Bethesda Hospital for two years. For four years, he also contributed to the Doctor of Ministry Program at San Francisco Theological Seminary, teaching Multicultural Counseling, Pastor as Person and the Dissertation Project Class, and also taught a religious autobiography class for three years for St. Mary’s College of California. He was ordained in 1981, and besides working at Parkview for nineteen years, served PCUSA congregations in the Sacramento area (Northminster Presbyterian Church, Carmichael Presbyterian Church, Capital Korean Presbyterian), Saratoga, CA (Saratoga PC) and on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation in Nevada in various capacities. His other roles have included the Pastoral Counseling Consultant to the Indonesian Christian Health Care Association (3 years), Country Co-Director for Church World Service for Indonesia and East Timor (1 year) and Co-Founder of two programs in clinical pastoral education program on Java. He has served on a number of ecclesiastical committees over the years, including Committee on the Preparation for Ministry, the Philippine Partnership Committee, the Mission Support Committee and currently the Committee on Representation.

Rev. van Beek also likes to write, and has produced seven published titles in Indonesian, six in English (including Fortress’ Press Cross-Cultural Counseling) and one in Dutch, as well as a number of articles in Pastoral Psychology and the Asia Journal of Theology. He has been married for thirty years to Carolyn Chan van Beek, a native of Vietnam. They have two grown sons, Daniel and Andrew.




To Download the Application, Click HERE




Mail a completed application packet to:


Intercultural Ministry Program

Parkview Presbyterian Church

727 T Street

Sacramento, CA 95811


Or email to:



Please include the following items:

  • Cover Letter
  • Completed Application and “Tell Us More” written response
  • Résumé (Work Experience & Community/Church Leadership Endeavors
  • Sermon Manuscript or video
  • Two Letters of Recommendation & Two Additional Contacts