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About Us


Parkview Presbyterian Church is a multicultural care-giving community in the heart of one of the nation’s most culturally diverse cities, we wish to grow as a “multicultural” family that is “faithfully inclusive.”

Those who built this congregation learned from from collective experiences of suffering and injustice how to support each other and to live in solidarity with those who suffered and were treated unjustly. “Care-giving” is not only Parkview’s tradition, it is also its legacy.

We continue to reach out to those in need, for they are the face of Christ.  In a time when the word “community” is used loosely and superficially, Parkview intends to build a deliberate community that brings together the significant aspects of life: faith, family and Christ’s service.

No one belongs here more than you!  If you believe it is a crucial Christian mission to build, genuine, diverse families of faith committed to those in need of care, please come and join us!

Meet our Pastor:

Rev. Dr. Aart van Beek, a native of the Netherlands, has been our minister since June, 1996.  He has served churches in Carmichael and on a Native American reservation in Nevada.  For nine years, he served as a Presbyterian missionary on the Indonesian island of Java where he taught Pastoral Counseling at two theological schools.  He is married to Carolyn, a native of Vietnam and they have two sons, Daniel (born 1987) and Andrew (born 1990).


Our Mission Statement:

We, the members of Parkview Presbyterian Church, seek to honor our Japanese American heritage wrought out of the unique blend of communal and Christian values, immigrant experience and the suffering of internment. This heritage has shaped us to become a unique family of faith, imbued by a spirit of tenacity, loyalty and genuineness, compassion and solidarity. Rooted in, and committed to the welfare of our Sacramento community, we wish to share this spirit with others in efforts to build a new multi-cultural community of believers committed to their faith in God through Jesus Christ and to the service of God and suffering humankind.


Unique Parkview Ministries:

  • Creative, multicultural, hybrid worship:
    • Our worship reflects the simplicity of the Presbyterian tradition, the informality of the Asian family, the richness of the Christian musical heritage (contemporary and traditional), challenging but relevant preaching and an awareness of mission needs and social justice.
    • Believing in leadership development at an early age, we welcome the active participation of youth and children in worship and regularly emphasize different cultural traditions (Japanese American, Chinese American, Korean American, Indonesian American, Mexican American, African American and European American etc. in both worship and social hour.
  • Loaves and Fishes:
    • Parkview helps the community by helping feed the hungry at Sacramento’s Loaves and Fishes, a nonprofit organization, that, through hospitality and love, nourishes not only the physical needs of the homeless, but also their spiritual need for love, acceptance, respect and friendship. Every third Tuesday of the month, volunteers form Parkview help cook, serve, and entertain the hungry.
  • Family Mentoring Program:
    • A community outreach program targeting the local Southside Park community serves as  catalyst for broader participation in city at large. Parkview currently partners with the William Land School seeking to serve those in need and runs an active tutoring service there.

Worship Information:

  • Sunday Worship: 10:00AM – 11:00AM
  • Sunday School: 10:20AM – 11:05AM

Child Care is available during our worship service and Sunday School.

Please join us following worship service for fellowship and refreshments.

Our food is very good.