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Published on May 8, 2017 by in Reflections

Coordinating Q and A

Dear friends,

Once in while I realize a number of you have questions surrounding a specific topic.   You have told me it helps you when I do a little Q and A on such a topic in this column.  This time the topic is coordination.

Q 1:  We used to have various committees  in the church with specific  responsibilities. How come those committees mostly disappeared, even though our attendance isn’t significantly lower?

A1: Over time there were ‘nt enough people willing to serve on those committee. We also found it was harder to get session members (who have to be church members and then be ordained) and we did not want to burden session members with chairing committees. The only session member still chairing a committee (Christian education) is Cathy Nishizaki. Please thank her !  Two session members serve on the resident selection committee (Carol Sakai and Maurine Huang complementing Titus Toyama and Jennifer Nishizaki) and one of them (Maurine) also sits on the resident supervisory committee with Irene Uno and Lois van Beers. Thank them too! In fact thank all the session members (Carol, Maurine, Cathy, May Lee, Christine Umeda, Gary Younglove), because they are all great servants.

Q2: since we have groups who are responsible for organizing events, why do we need a coordinating committee (i.e. Mariners, Jujikai, Men’s, PPW, Choir, College Hi, Eddie’s Crew, Golf Group, Biking Group etc.)?  A2: Because a) it allows them to sync up on events together, b) it creates positive energy because the people who are there are invested and so they can bounce new ideas off each other, c) a large number of active Parkview family are not official members (either because they are not comfortable giving up membership in their home congregation/denomination or are not ready to profess their faith in the way the Presbyterian Church USA prescribes).  This coordinating group allows them to take active leadership in planning events for our congregation without the pressure of membership.

Q3: Why introduce this coordinating group idea now? A3: a) because some groups are not as active as others and this helps their leaders, b): there are a number of Parkview family who do not strongly identify with any group, but would like to take an active part in leadership, c) if an event is announced by the coordinating group rather than a specific group, new people are more likely to feel that event includes them.

Q4: What about the relationship between the session and this coordinating group?  A4: we anticipate that the two will complement each other. The coordinating group a) brings together the representatives of all the groups plus other interested individuals, b) keeps the master planning calendar and c) makes sure new information gets communicated with the office manager (Donna until Jan1, 2018) and the website calendar manager (Lori Hart).  Those present may have to vote in the event there is no consensus, but any difficult decision can be referred to the session (and in rare dire circumstances by the session to the members of the congregation). The session must approve plans by the coordinating committee if they present a new precedent pertaining to moral/ spiritual, financial/budget, building usage or inclusiveness issues.

Q5: Will the coordinating group take over any of the tasks of the existing groups? A5: No.

Q6: Does it have to be called “coordinating group?” A6: Again no.

Q7: Does the group have open membership and attendance? A7: Yes.

Q8: Does the group have a chair? A 8:  Yes, Jerry Champa. Please Thank him too.

Q9: Will the group take notes. A9: they must, yes.

Q10: When will the second meeting be? A 10: June 25 at 12 p.m. pastor’s office.

May God bless our ministry. See you in church! Aart.


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